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Kusa Reflection

February 2014

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Nantoka 2/?

Title: Nantoka (2/?)
Pairing: KoyaGini / YuTe
Fandom: News/RL
Summary: Crack and Gini hooks up with Koyama finally.
A/N: Dedicated and written expressly for nyagcpinkuneko. Rabu.

I would have been way overly happy that Te and Yusuke had made it home had I not had this date with Koyama. Date with Koyama. His sister had set it up. I was becoming insecure the longer I waited for him to arrive. Had he changed his mind? Was his sister only kidding? I would know only if he showed up. And I didn't have to wait long before my brain was broken and the only thought registering was 'OH. MY. GOD. DED DED DED!'

Because there he was in all his red-headed glory, hands shoved in his pockets and frowning slightly against the sudden cold air that threatened rain later in the day. But would he see me? Realize, despite my ability to stand out, that his sister had set him up with a not Japanese girl. He looked up and right at me. And smiled. My heart stopped and I smiled back.

"Konnichiwa." He greeted in a voice I never thought I would have heard directed toward me. I tried not to make myself look stupid and bowed slightly.


"Sorry I'm a few minutes late." He said. "Had to finish up something at the jimusho."

"That's fine." I smile again. Am I being too smiley? He looked at me for a minute and I looked at the railing on the bridge.

"Ikou?" He said softly. I look at him again.

"Ah, yes." And he smiles and we walk together.

"Not that I don't want to be seen with you..." Koyama began. "But people will do anything for a few yen..." This made me laugh. He pulled on ridiculously large sunglasses. Like that's not obvious. He only looks just like himself with sunglasses on.

"I understand." And I did. He didn't need all that publicity, especially not because of me. He took me to Yokohama to this restaurant that looked out of place almost with an awkward name. Chiki Chiki Tan Tan. Sounds like something Akanishi would try to throw into his love Juice song. I shook that thought as we sat.

"So how long have you known my mom?" Koyama asked with a slight smile. I blush a little.

"Not long..." He smiled at that.

"You don't seem very stalkerish so I'll believe you..."

"Thanks..." I say flatly. He chuckled and we began conversations animated and full of smiles and laughter, it was as if all the uneasiness and awkwardness washed away. After we ate the most delicious food I've ever tasted, we left the restaurant and walked a little way.

"Nee," He said softly. "Want to go on the ferris wheel?" I could only smile. It was like a dream come true.

"Hai." I agreed. His face lit up and it was all I could do not to attack him right there, but I remained strong. We loaded into one of the little buckets and we started going up slowly. I realized that for this hour in the day, by the time we reached the beginning again, it would be dark out. That would mean... my heart doki doki'd and I looked at him, his face happy and strong as he looked out over the city.

"You know the sunset is beautiful from up here, way above everything..." He said softly. I melted.

"I'm sure it is..." We sat in comfortable silence, there wasn't a need for words, we were content to just think. I wondered what he was thinking, his small eyes taking in the world around us as if for the first time. "I've never seen the sunset from up here..."

"I have only one other time." Koyama confided. "With my dad." I peer at him for a minute. "It was the last thing he wanted to see before he died...because it was the first thing he had ever done with my mom. I haven't been back since he died because...well, I didn't have anyone I considered to be special enough to bring..." His eyes remained trained on the city. "Until today." He looked at me. I was in shock, my heart racing and my brain utterly and permanently forever broken. He smiled. "Mom talks about you constantly. When sister told me she had set me up with you I was really excited to get to meet you. Their stories about you don't do you justice...I really like you...and I hope you really like me the same."

"I do." I answered softly. Duh. I was already obsessed with him, of course I liked him the same. Wait. Koyama Keiichiro, the guy of my dreams, had just confessed to me. I smiled wide and at my shoes. I looked out the window as we neared the top, the bright orange sun was sinking softly past the horizon and I felt a hand on mine. I looked at him, his eyes, too were on the sunset. I smiled contently and let his fingers entwine with mine. His hands were soft and gentle and yet rough and sure. I looked at the difference in the color of our skin and decided that I liked my skin best next to his.


When the evening ended, after much more hand holding and some ice cream, we stood on the platform of the train station. He needed to catch the next train to get home. His hand was still firmly holding mine. He turned and looked at me. "I'll call you tomorrow." He said softly. I smiled and nodded. He looked like he wanted to say something else but didn't. Instead we waited for the train.

"Thank you for sharing something very special to you." I say. He smiled, just the slightest blush on his face. That was so cute.

"I hope it's special for you also."

"It will be forever." I promise. The train entered the station and he looked at me, nervously. "Daijoubu-" I blinked. Soft. Soft and nervous and...kiss. He pulled away, blushing for sure and smiled. I smiled, too.

"Sorry..." He said softly, pulling me in for a hug. I hugged him back and he looked at me, his hands softly on my shoulders before leaning in again, slower this time, more sure. And we kissed. A very chaste kiss, an appropriate kiss. And he pulled away, leaving a burning, desirous feeling on my lips. I smiled and he returned it. "Jaa...oyasumi..."

"Oyasumi...Kei-chan." He grinned and began walking away. "I'll call you tomorrow." He repeated.

"Hai!" I smiled and waved and we watched each other through the glass of the train window until we could see each other no longer. When he was gone, and it was just me amongst hundreds of strangers. I let out all my excitement in a loud squeal and a bunch of jumping and ran all the way home.


^0^ XDv